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AFBPromotions July 2005 Newsletter


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AFBPromotions is now accepting PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS for its upcoming round of offline promotions. We are accepting flyers, CDs, cassettes, samplers, stickers, pens, buttons/pins, badges and other small nonflammable/explosive materials for distribution around the world. There is a small fee involved to help us cover shipping costs, and that will be determined once we know how many bands will be involved in the round (the more bands, the cheaper it is). So if you're interested and serious in having AFBPromotions distribute your promotional materials get in touch with Wednesday at before July 31st, 2005 for more information. Also the AFBPromotions official website has been updated in many areas, check it out at


SPACE JUNKIES MAGAZINE a branch of AFBPromotions is now celebrating their 3-year anniversary, and have recently released a huge anniversary issue filled to the brim with reviews, interviews, columns, photo & art galleries, music news, and more. To visit this spectacular issue visit them on the web at The issue also includes a massive AFBPromotions feature and has hidden interviews with a majority of the AFB 2005 Roster (see the "Features" section)! Space Junkies Magazine is now booking interviews and accepting review materials for their upcoming Halloween issue, if you are a Goth/Dark/Horror related band or music/entertainment service get in touch with them at for more information! SPIKE IVORY has a new website, visit it now at! CHAINSNAP will be unleashing their new lead singer and drumer on August 12th when they open for Powerman 5000 in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit: for more information on this special show. The KIM GERMAINE BAND has a slew of upcoming shows throughout the SW Ontario region of Canada, check out their new website at for all the details.

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Affiliates, Sponsors & Divisions:

Carpe Diem Promotions (AFB's UK branck)

Anomy (Host the AFB website)

Crack The Whip Promotions (Sponsor the AFB domain)

Space Junkies Magazine (AFB's ezine branch)

Whippitup Designs (no website - AFB's Design/Graphic branch)


Email: (Wednesday Elektra, Founder/Street Team Manager)

MSN: aidforbands (

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