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AFB Timeline

I found this today while sorting through some old discs I had stored away and thought it was funny yet interesting. I wish I had continued the timeline right up until today. I guess I'll have to rack my mind and figure out what's happened since then!

AFB: Timeline

Beginnings - 1996
When AFB was in it's beginning stage it was known as The Vault of Talent and later The Wicked Underground, before becoming Aid For Bands.

Sept. 1998
Vampire Love Dolls discovered from a Metal Edge magazine clipping. Became the band that broke the mold and made me the promoer I am today.

Feb. 19th, 1999
Lunatic Candy Kreep was discovered from a magazine clipping. These guys were never added to any of the websites but were always noted among the best.

April 16th, 1999
Klutching Envy is discovered, but were not added right away.

June. 8th, 1999
Machine Gun Kelly from Ottawa, Ontario were discovered but only linked to the site.

Aug. 20th, 1999
Glampire discovered

Sept. 26th, 1999
Uranium 235 joins the site and the Wicked Underground mailing list and website were formed.

Oct. 23rd, 1999
Found a note in my book saying that the following bands were discovered: Liquid Sex Decay, DeamoN, Machine Gun Kelly [NY, USA], In Season, Shunt, Ater Draconis and Spine Christ. The last three were never added to the site

Nov. 4th, 1999
Chaotic Past joins

Nov. 8th, 1999
WitchMooN joined

Nov. 14th, 1999
Receive an email from HYSTERIA which later became an AFB band under the names of TeknoWhore, White Oaks, and Voir Dire.

Dec. 17th, 1999
mACHINe GUN KELLy added to AFB

Jan. 1st, 2000
Aid For Bands is formed and the first band added was WitchMooN.

Feb. 15th, 2000
Liquid Sex Decay joins AFB

March 2nd, 2000
Casey Cyr comes into the picture.

March 17th, 2000
neurobox and Casey Cyr join AFB.

April 11th, 2000
BabyDoll Johnson was discovered

April 18th, 2000
11:11 joins AFB

April 27th, 2000
BabyDoll Johnson is added to AFB

May 2nd, 2000
Static Eden found my guestbook signature on 11:11's website and emailed me a few hours later they were on the AFB website.

May 3rd, 2000
Oranabelle 5 and Klutching Envy join AFB

May 14th, 2000
New Damage is born!

June 22nd, 2000
WitchMooN announces their break up and Thrown Aside joins AFB

June 24th, 2000
Kandy Machine and Tekno Whore sign the AFB guestbook and end up on the AFB site. However, both bands have since been removed due to the band breaking up.

Aug. 24th, 2000
Black Dawn was added to AFB

Aug. 25th, 2000
Recieved All Things Are Connected from SCHIZOID, but when J actually joined AFB is one of lifes little mysteries because neither of us can figure that out!

Sept. 19th, 2000
Pain and its Relief was added to AFB.

Oct. 1st, 2000
suture seven joins AFB

Oct. 26th, 2000
Broken Down joins AFB

Nov. 21st, 2000
The Secession Movement joins AFB

Dec. 22nd, 2000
N17 joins AFB

Dec. 24th, 2000
miQ and his projects: noCore, clipFit, Zymotic, EXIST [with fellow AFB'er J. Schizoid], and All Out Assault.

Jan. 10th, 2001
Into Darkness and Blind Before Dawn join AFB

Jan. 23rd, 2001
Aaron Saloman, formerly of In Season re-joins AFB!

Jan. 25th, 2001
Zaida Alfaro joins AFB

Feb. 1st, 2001
Mohave joins the AFB crew, and the new AFB site is launched.

Feb. 8th, 2001
I just got word today from KiDD SiCkNeSS that Thrown Aside has now broken up :( I wish the guys the bestest of luck on future projects!

Feb. 20th, 2001
Well, it looks as if KiDD isn't sure whether Thrown Aside will continue to be a band or not so I put a page back up of them, until I receive the final word! Also a band I've known about for a very long time, CHAINLINK now has joined our little group :)

Feb. 12th, 2001
Sammy James becomes the latest edition to the AFB promo crew!

Feb. 14th, 2001
FACEBREAKER, composed of former members of Thrown Aside have now joined AFB.

Feb. 21st - 22nd, 2001
A webmasters insanity takes place! Due to the fact that our current website host and server doesn't have enough space to contain both AFB's text files and photos files! This has been a constant pain in the side, but today, Geocities where we stored our photos decided to be our worst enemy! NONE of the photos appeared on the websites forcing me [Wednesday] to copy all the photos from Geocities onto my hardrive then download them to the indie-musician site. Since there was limited room I then had to transfer all the band info pages over to Angelfire and relink them back to the AFB indie-musician website! Hopefully, this will not happen again! [This is actually the second time I've had to do this!]

Feb. 24th, 2001
Drakenova becomes the latest addition to the ever growing database of AFB bands.

Feb. 28th, 2001
Seems like my superhero can't make up his mind ;) New Damage has been renamed Victims of Progress...I think it is an appropriate name :)

Mar. 20th, 2001
Strep Note joins the ever growing line-up of AFB bands!

Mar. 27th, 2001
Contra joins us for some good old fashioned fun (he's also helping out with the reviews, how lucky can I be?)

Apr. 3rd, 2001
AFB undergoes another face lift. Sammy James, Zim Maru, Razor Smile have been removed from the staff listings. While Contra and Davi Lovatt were added.

Apr. 9th, 2001
The new promotion project is added to the AFB website, with the theme: Hard work, Dedication & Motivation as it's core philosophy. Working on the principal of 'model bands' which are: Uranium 235, Glampire, Into Darkness, and J.Schizoid paving the way to what AFB is hoping to achieve throughout the future. The list of promotion bands will never grow stronger than 20 bands in total providing us with more time to spend with each individual band and hopefully meeting their required needs :) Bands that are so far included: Victims of Progress, Klutching Envy, Suture Seven, Pain & Its Relief, Deamon, Zaida Alfaro, Chaotic Past, Rictus Grin, Chainlink, .miQ, the FlatLiners, Big Block 454, Drakenova, along with staff member bands: Contra and Blind Before Dawn.

Apr. 21st, 2001
AFB undergoes another facelift!!

Apr. 28th, 2001
Sins of Lust and Money For The Toll are the latest additions to the AFB band listings! Rictus Grin and the Flatliners are the newest confirmed members of the Promotion Project

May 15th, 2001
Wednesday meets J.Schizoid and .miQ for the first time as they opened for EC8OR in London, Ontario @ Call the Office! It was such a fun night and everyone was enjoying themselves.

May. 17th, 2001
Liquid Carousel joins the line-up of AFB bands!

May 26th, 2001
We switched Syd's projects around, instead of having his studio project Liquid Sex Decay as being apart of AFB, we're having his live project Dead Beat Baby as apart of the site!

June 5th, 2001
J.Schizoid was interviewed by today at 5pm Eastern. It was an exciting interview that everyone was pumped up about. Banzai [host of the show] ended up using all of the questions I [Wednesday] compiled that morning to be asked of J.! It's a day after the interview and I still have butterflies in my stomach! Aaron Saloman and Rictus Grin were also interviewed and their re-broadcasted interviews were played on June 1st/2nd, both of which I heard! I just wanted to congrat all the artists on a fine job at answer there sometimes difficult questions! Bravo! Keep up the great work!!

June 23rd, 2001
Money For The Toll, has now been classified as a defunct band, the day I left for vacation they broke up :( But hopefully, in the near future we will be working with Sean Faust in a new project!

June 26th, 2001
Wednesday signs up to help A2K Promotions! She also discovered that she lost 2 AFB bands, N-17 and Chainlink :(

July 6th, 2001
I just got word today that Uranium 235 is no more :( However Shane and Roxy have started a new band called Jupiter After Death or Jupiter AD. So, hopefully that project will go really well and we'll be seeing the boiz back on AFB soon!

July 11th, 2001
I added Jupiter After Death to the band database, the website is coming soon so stay tuned ;) I will add it to the section once it's up and ready to go. There's some more bands coming as well!

July 13th, 2001
The Parramore Hellcats are now apart of AFB, this is McGyver's new band ;)

July 17th, 2001
Hostdevice is the newest addition to the AFB band database!

Aug. 21st, 2001
The new AFB policies have been placed on the website and put into effect.

Aug. 22nd, 2001
The Mystic Underground is the latest addition to the AFB family!

Sept. 18th, 2001
Well, looks as if we're going to be revamping the band listings! I sent out a questionaire to a majority of AFB bands and have only received a few back so far, looks as if Static Eden are now defunct and Liquid Carousel no longer wishes to be apart of us! Currently only Victims Of Progress are AFB official artists, while a few other former AFB bands are now in the "we support these bands" category. I'll continue to work on the new revamping of the website and especially these new band listings :)

Dec. 20th, 2001
On going debates of whether AFB should be kept up and running in the new year have ceased due to Wednesday's huge brainstorm ;) Though all polls and opinions have been left open out of curiousity ;) The site is put offline while being rebuilt and modeled for the coming year! Lots of cobwebs are being cleaned out of the AFB database while new information and pages are being added.

Jan. 28th, 2002
Jan. 26th, 2002 Wednesday went to Stratford to see her first ever EXIST show (CD release party for The Tension and The Darkness) Other artists: Stereofect, noCore, DJ Skeeter. It was a rather eventful night and now she can't wait to go to the Feb. 15th, show in Toronto! Today Andrew Parrish of Metal Union Fanzine (which Wednesday writes columns for) is now an AFB crew member supporting the metal scene even more! Unfortunately I didn't record when Vinyl Vandal joined our crew, but he's helping Contra run the Digital Hardcore section of AFB!

Feb. 5th, 2002
DJ Tainted has been added on to the AFB crew membership status, expanding our reaches all the way out to Oregon! DJ Tainted will be helping The Gothic Bunny with the electronica/industrial/techno area of AFB.

Mar. 4th, 2002
Contra and McGyver are on temporary removal from AFB, with possible permanent removal depending on situations in the future.

Apr. 11th, 2002
AFB updates its intro to a new Flash 5 layout!

Apr. 18th, 2002
The AFB print zine mainpage is now online for those interested in participating. Work has begun on the print zine as well as the 3 cassette compilations! Expect to see the first ever AFB print zine hit the surface sometime near the end of 2002!!

Apr. 26th, 2002
Wednesday goes to Kitchener to see Schizoid play live for the DHR "Don't Fuck With Us" cd release party.

May 2nd, 2002
Work has begun on the branch of AFB that contains information on the upcoming AFB Print Zine and compilation album seriers. The print zine si now entitled "Space Junkies" and is hosted on the Space Junkies domain:

July 9th, 2002
The very first issue of Space Junkies Magazine has been released!

July 12th, 2002
Wednesday goes to see Nakatheral and Dead Of Winter play at Madam T's in Stratford, Ontario

August 6th, 2002
SJM issue #2 released

August 27th, 2002
3rd issue of SJM released

Sept. 20th, 2002
Wednesday sees Unitus live for the very first time as Unitus, Schizoid, noCore, Promonium Jesters, and
DJ Skeeter opened for Japanese noize artist Merzbow at the Kathedral in Toronto, Ontario

October 2nd, 2002
Space Junkies Magazine issue #4 is released to the general public.

October 30th, 2002
Space Junkines Magazine issue #5 was released.

October 31st, 2002
The first volume of the ongoing Sounds From The Ground compilations were released

Nov. 1st, 2002
Into Darkness plays their last live show together with Dope, Primer 55, Skinlab and Pissing Razors.

Nov. 2nd, 2002
Wednesday's 22nd birthday

November 4th, 2002
Whippitup Designs website is online and functioning

Nov. 5th, 2002
Plans for AFB 2003 paid services begin, subscriptions for SFTG, AFB Print zine, AFB Community, etc.

December 25th, 2002
Sounds From The Ground Volume #2 is released.
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