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Positions Available @ Space Junkies Magazine

Space Junkies Magazine is looking for new Crew members for the 2006 year. We're currently looking to fill the following non-paying/volunteer positions:

- Online media reviewer (MP3s, EPKs, music vodeos)
- Movie, DVD, Film reviewer
- Show/Concert reviewer
- Website reviewer
- Book/Comic/Magazine reviewer
- Interviewer
- Columnist (General, Advice, Music, Entertainment, Fashion, Feature)
- Photographer
- Creative Writer (Poetry, short stories)
- Visual, Graphic and comic artist
- Proofreader
- Promoter / Street Teamers

If interested in any of the above positions email for more information.

Deadline for applications is January 21st, 2006.

~Wednesday Elektra
Editor, Space Junkies Magazine
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