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SJM 2006 Survey

Space Junkies Magazine [SJM] 2006 Questionnaire - mail to:


All you have to do is fill out the information that you want to below and email it back to Your information will be used to better future issues and content of Space Junkies Magazine, so please take the time to give full and helpful answers! If you haven't visited the website since Jan. 1st, 2006 please do so before answer these questions, as we'd like this questionnaire to reflect our new design/layout and not what we've released in the past! Thank-you!!


About You:
(Your information will never be given out to anyone, it's used primarily to narrow down our target audience and to find out what you're interested in so we can incorporate it into future issues)

Your Name:
City, State/Prov:
Email Address:

What are some of your favorite mainstream artists:
What are some of your favorite underground artists:

General Questions:

How often do you visit the Space Junkies Magazine website (

How many issues do you try to read per year (we publish 12 a year):

How long do you generally stay at the website for per visit:

What keeps you coming back to our website?:

Do you find the website easy to use (navigate around in)?:
If no, what changes would you like to see made to future issues:

Do you find the text on the website easy to read?:
What could we do to make it easier for you to read the information on our site:

What areas of the magazine do you generally visit (interviews, reviews, columns, contests page, etc.)?:

What areas of the magazine would you like to see us get rid of in the future?:

What areas would you like to see us add to the magazine in the future?:

What do you like the most about Space Junkies Magazine?

What do you like the least about Space Junkies Magazine?

How can we improve Space Junkies Magazine in the future, so you'll come back more often and stay longer?

Would you like to see more or less mainstream content in Space Junkies Magazine?

Any other comments, suggestions, general feedback you'd like us to take note of?:
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