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aidforbands - New Literary & Art Website (Press Release)

Long time independent music supporter Theraisa K releases new multi-faceted literary and art portfolio website
BRANTFORD, December 17 – Brantford, Ontario resident, Theraisa K Fleig (Theraisa K), widely known by her pen name of Wednesday Elektra, has returned from a one year hiatus to unleash her next project (a culmination of past projects, such as Aid For Bands / AFBPromotions, Space Junkies Magazine and Whippitup Designs), simply titled, to showcase her talents as a writer/illustrator, graphic/web designer, photographer and artisan.
On November 1st unveiled a brand new website (see highlighting a new direction into the abyss of writing, while still providing new portfolio examples of photography, design and art.
“The new website, like many of my previous websites, holds many features and functions,” explains Theraisa K, “It’s primarily designed to showcase my various talents as a writer, artist, photographer and graphic designer, but it is also set up as an online store. I have lots of personal items to sell and in the future I will also be making a great effort to sell my art and children’s storybooks.”
As mentioned, Theraisa K has begun a new adventure into writing children’s storybooks. The first is aptly titled “Fishy In The Pond.” It tells the tale of a prehistoric fish that fell asleep for millions of years, only to wake up in a little boy’s backyard pond. Theraisa wrote, illustrated and will soon be self-publishing the storybook.
“The story was originally penned with the intention of being a Christmas present for my son,” Theraisa K stated, “But I found that it provided a new gateway of releasing my pent up creativity and it has since sparked an onslaught of adventurous tales yet to be pieced together.”
“So far all my children’s stories are influenced by my day-long adventures with my one year old son, and the moments of discovery we share together.” Continues Theraisa K, ”For now, most of the stories will be designed and given to my son, but in the future I plan on writing stories to release to the general public.”
Besides writing children’s stories, Theraisa K is continuing to design HTML based websites and graphics for primarily independent musicians and artists, while also enjoying the freedom photography and art have to offer.
“My work in graphic/web design has slowed in recent years, as my interest has focused more on writing,” Theraisa K comments, “I still enjoy working on the odd website and creating promotional materials as well as graphics for bands. That’s something I will always love doing. I started out designing fan websites when I was about 13 years old and it led to some of the greatest highs and lows of my life. But all of it has brought me to where I am today, still pursuing the “undreamable” dream and trying to make a living at it, without of course, having to supplement with an outside source!”
Seeing a rise in recent website hits from a few visitors to over 2,000 monthly has made the most successful project of Theraisa K’s yet! Theraisa K is currently illustrating her next children’s story, “The Golden Crayon” and is also working on gaining international exposure for all of her portfolio work. For more information about Theraisa K and her upcoming projects visit
About unveiled in Jan. 2007 is a multi-faceted portfolio website and online store. It is a culmination of past projects by Brantford, ON writer and artisan Theraisa K Fleig; namely Aid For Bands/AFBPromotions (band promotion), Space Junkies Magazine (music/art magazine) and Whippitup Designs (graphic/web design).
Contact: Theraisa K, Writer & Artisan, or visit
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